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If you are looking for a solution to business security, in the area of office security, there are many things that you have to take into consideration. If you are making the decision to choose the company they are a few things that you should look for. A reception security guards should be very well presented and have a clear speaking voice, the security personnel will more likely be the first person that any one visiting your office will come into contact with. You only get one opportunity to make a good impression, any ...

In the present day and age, reports and surveys have proved that most of the employees are having the danger of loosing confidence in them especially when they are working alone. The workers who work alone are known as lone workers. There are a number of chances when a normal worker can turn into a lone worker. This happens when he or she gets devoid of any companion at their work department.

Lone workers are self employed people who work alone and face the dangers o...

Crime prevention strategies for corporate risk management

Risk management is an important concern of every business. Crime prevention strategies are just a part of business risk management. Proper risk management reduces the damages on business property, reduces insurance premium, provides financial savings, utilizing effectively the resources of business and improves communication between various departments.

In the process of risk management, the crime prevention strategies should be followed because criminal activities are the bigger risk of the organization. It is estimated by the Department of Justice that more than a million crimes are conducted at workplace every year and around 10% of these crimes are committed by offenders armed with hand guns. Therefore, managers should form and apply astute crime reduction policies in risk management plan.

Once a clear crime policy is set, it will act as benchmark of expected behavior and also provides guidelines on which company can deal with the criminal incidences. Crime policy specifies the behavior to the employees which will not be tolerated in the business indices. Staff and security guard dogs is an important consent in every crime policy. It eliminates harassment and threats of all forms and helps its employees how to react on such incidences. A crime policy entails cooperation between human resources and management.

According t...

What We Do?

AtSolutions we pride ourselves on our ethical approach, excellent customer service and expertise in permanent & temporary recruitment. We started our service having seen recruitment from both sides. We listen to our candidates and clients alike and use established recruitment methods to ensure our placements are successful for all parties. Many of our clients return to us time after time knowing that we provide a fast, cost and time effective solution to a problematic area common in all sized companies.

Solutions look to provide clients with a truly valuable business solution with regards to the employment of staff. Not only will we help source permanent, contract and temporary staff for your organisation but we can also provide a service where we can take on the administration of paying them for you too! How? Recruitment acts as an Employment Agency and Employment Business with specialist divisions in Commercial, Industrial, IT and Engineering supplying a multitude of industries for example; Financial, Defence, Logistics, Software, Telecoms, Engineering and Manufacturing.
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