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Crime prevention strategies for corporate risk management

Risk management is an important concern of every business. Crime prevention strategies are just a part of business risk management. Proper risk management reduces the damages on business property, reduces insurance premium, provides financial savings, utilizing effectively the resources of business and improves communication between various departments.

In the process of risk management, the crime prevention strategies should be followed because criminal activities are the bigger risk of the organization. It is estimated by the Department of Justice that more than a million crimes are conducted at workplace every year and around 10% of these crimes are committed by offenders armed with hand guns. Therefore, managers should form and apply astute crime reduction policies in risk management plan.

Once a clear crime policy is set, it will act as benchmark of expected behavior and also provides guidelines on which company can deal with the criminal incidences. Crime policy specifies the behavior to the employees which will not be tolerated in the business indices. Staff and security guard dogs is an important consent in every crime policy. It eliminates harassment and threats of all forms and helps its employees how to react on such incidences. A crime policy entails cooperation between human resources and management.

According to recently developed approach, crime can be prevented by effective communication. Most of the workplace related crimes can be eliminated simply by an effective communication between concerned parties. Mutual communication between companies, law enforcement agencies and individuals can lead to elimination of crime from the workplace.

Security companies are developing methods of reducing offences and crimes related to workplaces via communication. Security companies compile all crime preventive data in one database and then it can be used by the pool of different companies. This database is run by Security Company and accessed when it is required.

It is very important for every organization to embrace risk management to operate effectively. In the US, crime in the workplace is the biggest risk in corporate bodies. Therefore, it is important to implement effective crime prevention policy to protect both the workers and the organization. Signing up for the database communication services offered by security companies can be an effective way of crime prevention.

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