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In the present day and age, reports and surveys have proved that most of the employees are having the danger of loosing confidence in them especially when they are working alone. The workers who work alone are known as lone workers. There are a number of chances when a normal worker can turn into a lone worker. This happens when he or she gets devoid of any companion at their work department.

Lone workers are self employed people who work alone and face the dangers of lone working. Dangers or problems of working alone hit a workers life if he or she is working in a hazardous place like a construction site or plumbing in a bathroom or fixing an electrical elevator.

Other examples of lone workers are attendants at a gas station, security guards, social service persons, taxi drivers and many more. They all have a fear of getting into one or the other trouble while they work. For example a taxi driver might be mis-leaded by a passenger and could be taken to some unknown place by the passenger for money or any other crime. A plumber might face the trouble of not managing a tap of water alone that has been broken badly. A security guard might be shot dead by a flock of criminals or robbers who wish to break into a house for robbery. A social service person might be deceived by a local person who is not at all in need for social help still will ask the social worker to provide some help either financially or materialistically.

A person when works alone with the company of any other worker he or she is not visible to other individuals eye. Not only this no one can even hear them and the vice versa. They not have the right to expect any kind of help from others. The reason being there is no one to visit them. They are the sole person to take all decision for their job and also they have to consider each and every smaller than the smallest thing before they take an initiative or make a move.

But working alone is not always a trouble. Sometimes it is a freedom as well. Like in case of a receptionist he or she is the sole owner of the reception desk and can work in a healthy atmosphere with a competition from the co workers.

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